Be the change you wish to see – in the corporate world

gandhiVirtuous as it may sound but “Be the change you wish to see in the world – Mahatma Gandhi” is true even to this day. It is applicable not just to humankind as a whole but also to organizations. Companies spend millions on changing the incumbent culture, work ethics, making organizations lean but often, in vain. The reason being that employers are disoriented about the processes, culture and practices that lead to the goals that they have set up!

If an individual person wishes to change circumstances, it has to come from within, changing the way the person perceives things around. If a parent wishes to raise kids in a certain way, they have to lead by example. Kids are more receptive to learning by imitating parents rather than learning from the repetitive discourses on code of conduct. Similarly, if organizations wish to induce an entrepreneurial atmosphere or growth mindset, then the management wishing to bring about the change have to lead by example, be proactive and challenge the status quo. Most organizations have the culture of conformity, anyone questioning that for good, let alone bad, is considered a trouble maker. If every employee does as told, never questioning the processes and procedures in practice, a more efficient and smarter way of doing things will never be discovered. It is thus, very important for organizations to promote diversity not only in the workforce but also in thought process. If everyone thinks alike, reasons alike then no one is thinking out of the box.

There could be innumerable ways to approach a problematic situation, maybe the solution is a melange of multiple solutions. But if all the conformists thought alike then the solution is only one! Experimentation leads to breakthroughs but if the established routines are the only way to function then deviating from the same is considered a violation. It is easier said than done, when the management wants its employees to get innovative but they themselves do not contribute in any way, other than spending hours behind closed board rooms, discussing “important matters”.

If the vision and mission of an organization is clear, then the path to achieving it should not be deadweight. To get on the bandwagon of growth hacking companies and becoming one of them – innovating and achieving targets, organizations are required to have a pragmatic approach to practicing what they preach. Encouraging an entrepreneurial and growth mindset at work implies defying conformity, requiring a buy in from management. The organization as a whole has to be inclined towards being the change they wish to see.


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